Friday, 24 July 2015

Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?

I like the idea of having a guardian angel although I can equally understand how the idea might completely freak someone out. After all, most of us probably wouldn't come out of it well if we had to withstand round the clock scrutiny from a celestial being. If this were the case then I fear my own place on the other side would be well and truly scuppered. 

Even so there is something reassuring in the thought that there could be someone other than me steering this often chaotic ship. And there lies the crux of the issue, is it simply our need for reassurance that tempts us to look outwards and latch onto fanciful ideas of other worlds and beings? I am not so sure. 

I would have said yes, until a couple of years ago when my dad died. Since then I have never felt closer to him and have a total sense of conviction that he hasn't gone. Obviously, I understand that this may well be nature doing its thing by affording me something to cling on to, when the alternative seems so unbearable. I think it's more than that though. 

I don’t believe that my dad is in any way guiding my life. If he were, I would be sorely disappointed. Given that he was a gregarious, sociable man in life, I certainly hope that he has more exciting things to do with his time now than spy on me. However, there are times when I feel his presence so keenly, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that he is with me. His visits are not what you would expect, he doesn't check in at particularly meaningful times, when I could maybe do with a bit of help or encouragement. No, they are always random, inconsequential moments which, in consequence, never cease to take me by surprise. 

But does any of it really matter anyway? That is why I choose to believe in guardian angels and the idea that my dad is still around - what would be the point in not? Surely life would just seem bleaker and the world a much harsher place. If it should turn out that this is all there is, none of us are going to know about it anyway so I really can't see the benefit of trying to prove or disprove something that lightens the load on our journey through life.